Sustainable energy solutions are the most important subject nowadays of our world more then ever. It is well recognised by BALÇIK and by our eco friendly approach from product designing, developing, till the manufacturing stages, our aim is to provide more efficient products to the market.
On different applications for domestic and industrial applications, the reduction of element power, control of element heating temperatures and actual element heating time, contribute to limiting the energy consumption and thus some of the effects on our environment.

Low Cost with Same High Temperatures
Various raw material alternatives for the production of tubular heating elements are not only effecting the cost of a heating element, but also effecting the energy efficiency.
It’s possible to increase the heating performances of a basic element, by choosing either one or a combination of raw materials for the production.

Product Development and Design for Saving Energy
Tubular heating elements has to be specially designed for the application area, in terms of efficiency and performance parementers.
In collaboration with our customers, our technical team analyses the heating element and application area carefully, to design the most efficient and ideal heating element in terms of power, shape and material, to save from unneccesary usage and consumption on the final product.
Graph you can see below is showing the one of our efficiency improvement project, before imporement and after improvement energy efficiency of a heating element in application area, together with the heating values and heat differences inside.