BALÇIK has offered a wide range of products to the market in order to meet the water heating needs of washing machines. The operational environment consists of a mixture of water and detergent at a temperature of 60 to 90°C. The humidity corrosion starts with the lime in the water precipitating and attaching to the heater housing, which affects the economic life of the heater. Adding our experience to the knowledge that we gain by testing many different practices worldwide in our lab, we can easily determine which material should be used in our products, manner of use and the heating power for safe use for years.

BALÇIK has also made available additional safety application in order to allow a safer use. This application consists of single phase thermal fuses with different timers for shutting down depending on the type of pin that is used (iron or copper) and their different calibrations placed into the heater tube.

Thermal Fuse
8.5 mm diameter BALÇIK tubular heating elements can be manufactured with thermal fuses integrated into them. Optionally, a thermal fuse can be placed on each end of the heating element. Preferred cutout temperatures for are 144 C  or 152 C. Moreover, if requested, thermal fuses with different cutout temperatures can also be manufactured.

BALÇIK manufactures the entire range of tubular heating elements used in the white goods sector.
Thanks to the manufacture technologies that we have developed in close cooperation with our clients, BALÇIK always develops new products and is able to promptly meet the technical and commercial needs of the market.
In addition to being able to determine the best material according to need in the white goods sector, BALÇIK is also able to pick the best thermal fuse and NTC bars and to offer complete thermal solutions.

The standardized mass production line of the BALÇIK manufacture plant has certificate from VDE, one of the most prestigious institutes, and so the resulting products have perfect quality and safety.
The most important trait of our firm is the ability of picking and using the best measure and material in the sector of heating elements for washing machines. Owing to this trait, the material with the highest resistance to corrosion can be determined and the product with the highest quality in technical and electromechanical terms is ensured.

Accurate calculation of corrosion in hard and chlorinated water is among the most important factors in accurately designing and manufacturing submersed type electrical heaters.
These stainless steel and special nickel/chromium alloy heater elements used in the machines have single or double thermal fuses. Such fuses can be picked at different cutout temperatures depending on the desired cutout period. They can be connected serially to one or two phases of the heater.
In addition to all these, it is also possible to control the temperature through the NTC bar, which is aimed at ensuring protection on the outside.